– Current projects –

  • Synergistic effects of land use and climate change on bird populations
  • Developing measures of land cover and land use based on remote sensing products
  • Including climate change predictions and land use change in IUCN Redlist classification criteria
  • Bioclimatic models for climate change adaptation in conservation management, case study of the San Francisco Bay Area, California (with TBC3)
  • Changes in knowledge of global plant distributions over 200 years
  • Geographic variation in drivers of plant species distributions across the New World
  • Influence of Alexander von Humboldt on the field of plant geography today


– Other collaborative projects –

  • Airborne measures of tree death and assessments of future drought vulnerability for the California endemic Blue oak (with Blair McLaughlin)
  • Assessing methods to estimate species distributions and range sizes (with BIEN)
  • Computing range maps for the flora of the New World (with BIEN)