– Projects I am currently working on –

Environmental change
  • Synergistic effects of land use and climate change on California birds
  • Predicting the future of the Bay Area flora for conservation management (with TBC3)
  • Elevation shifts of vegetation in response to environmental change over 210 years on Mt. Chimborazo, Ecuador
  • Geographic variation in drivers of plant species distributions across the New World
Community assembly
  • The use of network approaches and co-occurrence data for inferring species associations and community assembly

– Other collaborative projects –

  • Assessing methods to estimate species distributions and range sizes (with BIEN)
  • Computing range maps for the flora of the New World (with BIEN)
  • Ecological processes, ecoinformatics and big data – a review (with BiGCB)
  • Linguistics of climate change (with Ackerly lab)