Personal interests

Classical piano

PianoI have played the piano since I was 8 years old. Unfortunately, my piano doesn’t fit in my backpack, so the time of taking lessons, participating in competitions and giving small concerts is over. Still, my passion for music persists, and whenever I can find the time, I enjoy sitting at home playing pieces of my favorite composers, such as DebussyAlbénizBeethoven, Rachmaninoff, Granados or Chopin.



Like almost every other ecologist that I know, I love being out in the wilderness.

Growing up in the center of Barcelona, I could only go hiking once in a while. But during the past years, I’ve had the chance to catch up. I would definitely not have guessed that I would be hiking to 5,200 meters a.s.l. in Ecuador, see a moon-light rainbow at midnight in Costa Rica, hike in the bear country of King Range National Park in California, experience the desert bloom of the Sonoran desert in Arizona and Mexico, see the sunrise from a canopy bridge in the raPhoto: Benjamin Blonderinforest of Borneo, dive into the hot springs of Colorado and New Mexico, and sleep in a hammock on a boat for a month in Colombia – always far from tourists, always close to good friends. And always being reminded of why I work on what I do.

Yup, it’s beautiful out there!