I am an ecologist interested in what drives the diversity and distribution of species, how environmental changes have and will impact the natural world, and how we can use Big Data to plan for the future.

In spring 2014 I finished my PhD from the Ecoinformatics and Biodiversity Section, Aarhus University with Professor Jens-Christian Svenning. My work there focused on macroecology, using ecoinformatic approaches to describe and understand the geography of plants across the New World. Most of my work was done as part of the Botanical Information and Ecology Network (BIEN).

In June 2014 I started as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at UC Berkeley with Professor David Ackerly at the Department of Integrative Biology. My work here focuses on the synergistic effects of land use and climate change on biodiversity in California. Part of my research project involves working with conservation managers on how to translate research results to actual tools for including climate change adaptation into conservation practices. An exciting and challenging new time has begun, where I can bring together my scientific background and my experience from eight years of involvement at an environmental NGO!

Check my publications page and stay tuned on new work coming out.


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